Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning Center

                                  Learning Center

     Having a learning center is beneficial for every student who will take advantage of it. The three resources that I  use in the Learning Center are the computers, the tables and the private room. For instance, last semester I used computers to do my homework, or I used them to search for other information. Next, the tables are a nice area to do your individual homework or work in a group. In my experience, using tables was really convenient because we didn't have to go somewhere else to work in a group. Last, the learning Center has a private room which you can reserve ahead of time and use for one or two hours. I used the private room once . I t was good to use it, because I had privacy. I closed the door and I concentrated 100% on what I was doing. In short, the Learning Center is a good place where you can work with privacy using the resources that they have and it can be beneficial for everyone.

Emma Moctezuma 

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  1. Emma, you're right, having this range of resources is so valuable. I especially like having an environment that allows me to focus completely. That is so valuable.