Friday, February 18, 2011

My Husband

My Husband

     My husband is a very nice person whom I admire. There are three reasons that I like him the way he is. They are his personality, his integrity and his passion. First, he has a strong personality that makes his stable a member of our family. I think this is positive because in everything that he does, he tries to do the best as he can. As his wife I see that if he is planning to do something for our family, I am pretty sure that he is going to do it. secondly, his integrity is important to him. He is a very serious person. he had been influenced by his father. He always follows rules, and expects others to do so. Last his passion for him family is the third reason that I admire him. He lives, works, and thinks for his entire family. He considers the family in his plans. In brief, I admire my husband's integrity, personality and passion which contribute our family life.

Emma Moctezuma

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  1. Emma, you have done a beautiful job of describing your husband with love--and in classic paragraph format! I hope you shared this with him. Jeanne