Friday, February 11, 2011


My 2001 Resolutions

     While planning what I want  to do for this year, I am keeping in mind that I want to do something positive for my family. My 2011 resolutions are to spend more time with my husband and daughter and support my daughter with her education. Because we have been working so hard, we haven't had time to do things together. However, this year I  resolve to take time to do fun things together such as, watching TV, having lunch out, going to the movie theater, and going to the beach.My second resolution is to encourage my daughter to continue with her education because she is almost finished with high school. Attending community college would be a good place for her. We have been talking about it and she is excited to do it. I don't want her to stop there and she agrees to continue with her education. Finally, if I keep my resolutions in mind this year, we will be supporting each other and we will be a happier family.  
Emma Moctezuma

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  1. Emma, I love your resolutions! Spending focused, positive time with family is so important. It sounds like your daughter may feel inspired by your academic efforts! Going to community college is a good choice these days. Students can learn, feel supported, and gain maturity at their own pace. So go to the beach! Jeanne