Monday, March 14, 2011

Middle East

Middle East

     A Middle East conflict is between Palestinians and Israelis. After World War II, The united Nation gave land to Jewish people and is surrounded by Muslim countries. Further, Palestinians view themselves as living in an occupied nation, where invaders (Israelis)have them under military rule. To fight back Palestinians have a built a terrorist network to attack innocent Israeli civilians. Israelis feel they must continue to control Palestinians with military force to protect themselves against more terrorist attacks. However Palestinians demand as one of the condition for peace like, ending Israel occupation of Palestinian territory, and freedom of Palestinian refuges to return to their homeland. On the other hand, Israelis want control of all Jerusalem by comparing their demands the two sides are unlikely to find peace. In my opinion, they need communication between the two nations because Israelite have destroyed much of the government an infrastructure of the Palestinians. The Palestinians will need a great deal of outsides support to rebuilt themselves into a separate nation. Is very important to realize that the Muslim religion teaches peace and tolerance, not terrorism and war. In fact, the Muslim religion does not allow a person to commit suicide or hurt innocent people.  

Emma Moctezuma 

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  1. Emma, it seems that you have a lot of tolerance for the religious views of other people. It is a good quality. Sometimes religion gets used to confuse people about issues. Tolerance helps us clear our thinking, at least in my opinion.