Monday, March 7, 2011


          Weather affects people's moods. Weather change according to season. Recently we had an unusual cold days. I live in Half Moon Bay and is always cold, but not as cold as the passed few weeks. Weather does not only affect people's moods, also can bring physical sickness. Since the strange cold weather began  I cached a severe cold. As a result, I missed work and I couldn't attend school. First of all, I started coughing a lot. Instead paying attention to my sickness I continue with my daily routine. In addition to that i got to the point where my cold became more severe. I am not used to seeing a doctor when i have a cold, rather this time I did. One's i saw the doctor I did not receive any medication. However I got the recommendation to stay home and rest. it was not the only one dealing with the cold. It was a virus caused by the weather.Also, i missed work for three days and it was my best medicine that I had. Moreover, no attending to my class that cold morning helped me to relief  my cold. to sum up, It it was a challenging weather for me, but I am satisfied to overcome the cold. Even that didn't go to work and I miss my class it helped me to regain my strengths. Now, I am feeling better I take care of myself when going out on cold days.

Emma Moctezuma

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  1. Emma, I'm glad you were able to finally stop your busy daily routine and get some rest! Having you a 100% benefits us at school, and I'm sure at your work and family too. Stay strong!