Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Celebration in my Town

Spring Celebration in my Town

     Spring is a religious celebration in my wonderful and small town Chilapa, Mexico. This season lasts seven weeks. We call it Semana Santa. It is from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday. I think 95% of the families are Catholics compared  to other big cities where other religions exist. We have different ways to celebrate this spiritual spring season. Going to church is essential for every family. Moreover, not eating meat for seven Fridays in a row is part of the tradition. Families are always well prepared for this time. Also, they are ready to make their new spiritual resolutions.
     Ash Wednesday is the first day that we start this religion season. For example, in my family Ash Wednesday, which is a renewal time for everyone, makes us think about our past mistakes and regret them. Then, we usually go to church and the priest puts ash crosses on our foreheads that represents a commitment between God and us.
      We pledge not to eat beef and pork meat for seven Fridays. It is a big effort for each family. For example, my family usually eats sea food for those  Fridays, and it is very expensive. Suddenly, everybody is prepared for the last day of the celebration "Good Friday". The whole family goes to church and prays. This is a special day for everyone because we have to think about our sins. Asking God to forgive us and at the same time making a spiritual commitment to God is part of our tradition along with having a spiritual resolution for the rest of the year. It helps us to be better people. Finally, celebrating spring season in my town is a good experience. Not eating meat on Fridays, and going to church  helps us be better people, especially if we offer God our thoughts and our hearts. It is beneficial for us to renew our values and love to each other. 

Emma Moctezuma 

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